Testimonials - Xenca Collagen & Pet Health Supplements

Heres a selection of testimonials we have received from our customers that have used Xenca's Pet Health Supplements, that are available to buy from Quistel.


Xenca Pet Collagen

"Phoebe my beautiful dog has been an absolute joy since she became a part of my life. She has always raced around like a mad thing, loved going down to the local beach for a walk, and would do all the things a healthy dog would do. When she was just 8 months old she started limping and was experiencing pain in her back leg. It was that painful for her that she used to cry if picked her up. So she went for many expensive trips to the vet for consultations pain killer injections and take home chemicals. I have never once had a bill for under £100. So by chance having a conversation with a lady she told me about collagen. I can honestly say I thought more rubbish. After two weeks Phoebe was a changed dog. No more pain, she does not cry when you pick her up. No more visits to the vet! She is 18 months now and it has truly changed this little dogs life and ours."

Linda Williams, Carmartheshire


Xenca Pet Collagen

“After spending lots of money on inflammatory injections that didn’t seem to help, the vet wasn’t sure why Mitzi had been limping for weeks and suggested expensive X-rays. After only 3 days on Xenca collagen capsules one at night, I saw a difference in her. Before she was carrying her leg and most days I had to carry her to and from the field for her walk. After just 7 days it was like Mitzi had never had a problem and I could cancel the vet appointment and save my money. Xenca collagen capsules have worked miracles in days!”

Julie Davenport , Bury Lancs.