Testimonial Videos


Stella - Poodle owner thrilled to get rid of Pseudomonas ear infection & saved a fortune in vet bills!

Marion - Used our colour free ear cleaner on her Bedlington Terrier. Quickly got rid of a yeast infection within a week in the dog's ears & on paws.

Karen - Treated her Newfoundlands' dirty, waxy ears with our ear cleaner and hasn't been back to the vets for 18 months since! 

 Border Terrier prone to ear infections, issues cleared up shortly after using our ear cleaner. Claims our ear cleaner is "phenomenal". Now recommends and uses our ear cleaner in her salon.

Jackie & Bell - Cocker Spaniel with chronic ear infections. Over £5000 spent at the vets. After 2 weeks of using our ear cleaner the dog had healthy ears and was much happier. Uses once a month now and recommends to others.

Shih Tzu owner spent £100s of pounds at the vets on ear products, nothing worked. Purchased our product and claims it is "perfect for her" and has "changed" her dog's life.

Jackie - Loves the shampoo, purchased our ear cleaner to remove dirt and wax, best ear cleaner she has used. Worked more effectively than anything given to her by the vets.

White standard Poodle, thrilled with the results of our ear cleaner! After months of using products given to her by vets it only took a few days for our ear cleaner to resolve her dogs ear problems. One bottle did the job.

Purchased our ear cleaner, within 2 days it had solved her dog's ear problems. Saving her lots of money and hassle at the vets!

 Sharpei dog owner tried our ear cleaner once and has never used anything else since. Tried many products from vets with no success. Only requires a weekly treatment and now the dogs no longer have an issue. Customer for life.

Pug breeder from Austria impressed by how fast the ear cleaner worked. Shares with all her customers and friends.