We've Gone Crazy About Coconut!!!

A couple of weeks ago we were talking to one of our stockists, a dog groomer who uses our Shampoos and Lotions... and also sells them onto her customers when she mentioned Coconut Oil and how good it was for dogs.  To be honest, we knew about it as a product for people because we sell it via our sister company Peake Health... but we didn't realise that it could be used on dogs and more importantly, just what an amazing product it is!

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Launching new products can normally take a bit of time, but we decided to move very quickly and get the coconut oil onto our website as quickly as we could... and we've been amazed at how successful its been.  Coconut Oil in this last week or so has outsold our 'Soothing Ear Cleaning' and 'Dog Shampoo' which are our two biggest selling products.

Organic Coconut Oil has many health benefits for your dog, its antibacterial, anti-fungal, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties and can be used to treat and help recovery from Skin Conditions, Yeast Infections, Fungus Infections, Digestion Issues, IBS, Colitis, Cuts, Wounds, Ligament Problems and Arthritis to name just a few!

To celebrate this great product, we've reduced the price of the 25g Trial Size from £4.95 to £3.95, we're also giving the 25g Trial Size away for Free for orders over £30!


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