Buy a 150ml Pet Lotion Spray or Ear Cleaner and Get a 50ml For FREE

Quistel was delighted to take part in the first ever Manchester Pet Show and what an amazing and fun filled two days we had at the show. We got the opportunity to say hello to some of our loyal customers and to introduce our products to lots more pet lovers. 
As usual our ‘Soothing Ear Cleaner’ stole the show and was very, very popular... we’ve already had positive feedback from customers that bought it at the show and can’t believe just how good it is.  Our Pet Lotion Spray was also very popular with visitors who came over to the stand as its such a versatile and useful product.
To celebrate the great time that we had at the show and the success of our ‘World Famous’ ear cleaner and lotion spray we’ve got a very special offer for you... 

Buy a 150ml Ear Cleaner or Spray Lotion

& Get a 50ml FREE of Charge!

Perfect for those of you that might want to introduce a friend to the benefits of these great products and help quistel to spread the word and help more pets!
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