Well Done Willow!

We've been blown away by the response we've had for our pet competitions... particularly our 'Puddy Cat & Pooch' competition - we've had some brilliant photos and it's been a real pleasure to connect with so many great pets and pet owners.

We're now half way through July's competition and yet again the response has been brilliant and we're as excited and interested as you guys to see who the top 3 will be and ultimately who will come first.

June's competition was, as you will know, won by Chewie but we decided to reward the two runners up as well... Misty and Willow.  In fact as a consequence, we have now decided to give prizes to both 2nd and 3rd place in the subsequent competitions as a reward for those pets doing so well.

We were delighted to get an email from Willow's owner with a link to their website, where they had blogged about Quistel and the competition... there are also some great photos of Willow and her prizes!

Willow's owner Lottie was also kind enough to share some info about Willow, who is a special little dog...

My name is Willow, I'm 4 years old and I'm a Cardigan Welsh Corgi.

I was born Sept 11 2008.

I Live with my Parents Robbie & Jess and my  Granny Deli plus a few other doggie friends

My owners say I'm a very clever little dog who picks things up very quickly,

but always up for a good play.

I loves to talk but my favourite pass time is to play in my pool, I am water mad .

When I was 4 months old my best friend ( Owner Lottie)  got sick and had to start undergoing  many major surgeries and though it all I lay all day & night  right by her  side

Sadly during one of the surgeries she lost her hearing fully on one side so she can’t  hear the phone, door, or cars etc. Lottie was worried how she  would cope and her confidence hit an all-time low, But I took it upon myself to help so I tell her  when the phone rings, if someone is at the door and when we are out if a car comes I nudge her leg. (she has never been trained to do this we don’t know how she does it)

The bond the Two of us have is very special and unbreakable 

Sadly Xmas 2012 my other owner Lottie's husband  suffered 3 heart attacks 2 days before xmas and had to undergo surgery he is now waiting for a bypass, This was A bad time for my best friend and I helped her though it by being right there in my favourite spot her lap.

Love Willow x

P.s here is the link to my personal blog hope you like the photo of me & your product http://willowandfrayer.blogspot.co.uk/


Lottie & Willow





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