Have You Tried Quistel's Soothing Ear Cleaner?

Our 'World Famous' Ear Cleaner is a proven, effective way for you treat your pets ears.

It disinfects and soothingly assists with the loosening and expulsion of accumulated dirt and ear wax which
can become a major source of irritation to most animals. When applied according to the instructions for use, Quistel’s Soothing Ear Cleaner will penetrate even the smallest canine ear canal.

Although Quistel's Ear Cleaner is not organic, it is a valuable product in the Quistel range of petcare, being an old fashioned formula that has been used safely and successfully for many years, producing amazing results.

Our Ear Cleaner is a much loved and highly regarded by our customers, this is what one happy customer said about it on Amazon...

''After only 2 applications the condition vanished! 2 doses and years of stress and heartache over with! I can't believe it. My dog had been suffering for years with this and it had cost me a fortune. Can't wait to tell the vet!"

So if your pet is struggling with their ears then why not try the Ear Cleaner that everyone is talking about?  You can buy Quistel's Soothing Ear Cleaner here!

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