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Thanks Vizsla Owners

This week its 'Westie Week' on Quistel... and as usual we're running a little bit behind on things... I'm afraid its been another incredibly busy week, but we're not complaining!   Time really does fly when your having fun and last week flew by far too quickly, we just wanted to say on here how much we enjoyed 'Vizsla Week' and say a big thank you to all of the Vizsla owners... the response was amazing, the photos that you all sent in were truly beautiful and it was great fun to find out more about the Vizsla breed. Don't forget that we now have our very own Vizsla web page... which is full of information, which we hope will...

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And the winner is... Bella

Big congratulations to beautiful Bella the Hungarian Vizsla... she's won Quistel's 'Puddy Cat & Pooch' competition for August.  Bella wins £50's worth of Quistel's amazing grooming and health products! In second place came little cutie Spencer who wins £25's worth of Quistel products and in third place came gorgeous Gizmo who wins £15's worth of Quistel. We've been blown away once again by the amazing response we've had... the amount of photos and the amount of votes that they've generated has been brilliant.  The competition is really tough and each month it seems to be more competitive... Bella won with an incredible 602 votes! Septembers competition has already started so if you would like to be in with the chance...

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Cyprus Vizsla Rescue (CVR) - Lizzie

We're delighted to be supporting Cyprus Vizsla Rescue (CVR) and will be donating some prizes for their upcoming virtual charity auction on Facebook. CVR operates to rescue Hungarian Vizsla dogs (and vizsla-cross breeds) who have been abandoned and/or abused in Cyprus. We recently had an lovely email from one of the organisers, Kelly Robinson who told us all about CVR and how she had recently rescued and adopted a beautiful vizsla-cross called Lizzie. This is Kelly's email about Lizzie and Cyprus Vizsla Rescue... "CVR operates to rescue Hungarian Vizsla dogs (and vizsla-cross breeds) who have been abandoned and/or abused in Cyprus. I have recently adopted a beautiful vizsla-cross called Lizzie (see attached photos) who had been tied up by a...

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London & Surrey VizWhizz Auction For Vizsla Rescue Groups & Charities

So how many of you know what a Vizsla is?   Its a very beautiful dog breed originating from Hungary... there a loyal, sporting dog that is smallest of the all-round pointer-retriever breeds. There is approximately 1000 puppies registered in UK each year making them one of the top 50 most popular in the UK (Kennel Club of Great Britain) and there getting more and more popular each year! We were delighted to be recently contacted by Lucy Barrett, one of the organisers of the London & Surrey VizWhizz - there a group of Hungarian Vizsla Owners and they organise walks and get togethers all over the country for Vizsla owners. They also host and arrange various events and fund raisers throughout the year...

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