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English Springer Spaniel Welfare

Those of you that follow us on Facebook and Twitter will know that every week we have a 'breed of the week'... and we post lots of photos, information, articles and links about that particular breed.  Its actually been a very rewarding project because its so interesting to find out more about certain breeds and its given us the opportunity to meet more dog owners and speak to people like breeders or who run charities and rescue centres. We recently had an English Springer Spaniel week, and got the opportunity to find out more about ESSW which has been rescuing and re-homing English Springer Spaniels for more than 20 years.  The charity is run by Sandy Waldon and amazingly they...

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Rescue Dog Competition Winner - Ruda

This is the very beautiful Ruda, who won our first ever Rescue Dog Competition. She was found as a stray on a beach in Cyprus and rescued last November! Ruda won Quistel's first ever Rescue Dog Competition on our facebook page and she won £50's worth of Quistel Dog Grooming products... such as our dog shampoo and our amazing dog lotion. Ruda's owner's very kind sent us this photo below of Ruda with her Quistel goodies!

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Cyprus Vizsla Rescue (CVR) - Lizzie

We're delighted to be supporting Cyprus Vizsla Rescue (CVR) and will be donating some prizes for their upcoming virtual charity auction on Facebook. CVR operates to rescue Hungarian Vizsla dogs (and vizsla-cross breeds) who have been abandoned and/or abused in Cyprus. We recently had an lovely email from one of the organisers, Kelly Robinson who told us all about CVR and how she had recently rescued and adopted a beautiful vizsla-cross called Lizzie. This is Kelly's email about Lizzie and Cyprus Vizsla Rescue... "CVR operates to rescue Hungarian Vizsla dogs (and vizsla-cross breeds) who have been abandoned and/or abused in Cyprus. I have recently adopted a beautiful vizsla-cross called Lizzie (see attached photos) who had been tied up by a...

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Rescue Dog Of The Month!

Update: We've decided to extend our rescue dog competition into September... so this will hopefully give everyone a bit more time to send us their photos and hopefully we can share even more great photos and stories. Thank you to everyone that has joined in so far, we've had some great stories and photos! Don't forget we're running a special competition for August... Rescue Dog Of The Month! We want to celebrate and reward some amazing pets and their very special owners! So if your dog is a rescue dog or maybe you work at kennels or charity and know of a special dog waiting to be re-homed, then we would love to hear from you... just send us a photo and the story...

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Tommee - The Rescue Dog

I know its not quite August and our new 'Rescue Dog' competition hasn't quite started... but we thought we would get the ball rolling and post our first entry which was emailed to us a few days ago.   Heres the email that Tommee's owner Dyane sent us about her special dog...  Whilst browsing the web in May this year, I came across an Irish Animal Rescue called AINMHITHE who over the years have rehomed 100's of animals that have been abandoned/found as strayed/neglected/dumped in pounds in Ireland. They had 4 collie puppies that had been taken in & as collies are regarded as disposable in Ireland AINMHITHE look to foster & rehome them here in the UK with experienced...

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