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Its Italian Spinone Week!!!

This week has been Italian Spinone week on Quistel... and what a busy and brilliant week its been. We knew that this week would be popular with a lot of our customers and facebook friends... our products thankfully have a big following in most breeds but we knew that some of our products were very popular with Spinone owners. For instance we do sell a lot of our ear cleaners to Spinone owners as Italian Spinone do get ear infections. We've also supported and promoted Italian Spinone events and charities... so its a breed that we've that got to know and we have to admit that its become one of our favourites. Its been great fun this week finding out...

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Coconut Oil For Dogs

Next week we'll be adding a new addition to our product range, we're going to be stocking Viridian's Organic Coconut Oil... and its a truly amazing product that has many, many health benefits for both dogs and people! This is just a short introduction to the product as we're going to do a full article or two about it next week and go into it in a bit more detail... but we just couldn't resist telling you all about it today because we really quite excited about it! There's been a bit of a buzz about it for a while now and there is a lot about it on the internet at the moment, so its definitely worth doing some...

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September's Pooch Of The Month - Betty

So, as I'm sure you know, the adorable Betty won our Pooch (& Puddy Cat) competition for September and she won £50's worth of Quistel's dog grooming and health products! Betty's owner was kind enough to take some pictures of the beautiful Betty with her prizes and she also sent us some more information on this lovely little puppy... "Betty is a black and white K.C Reg Shih tzu puppy.  She is 5 months old, is so laid back and a very quiet sweet little girl.  She loves to have a run about in the garden with her best friend Oscar and go for walkies.  She got her name from the Ram Jam song Black Betty" Dawn x We hope...

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September's Pooch (& Puddy Cat) Competition

Quistel's 'famous' Pooch & Puddy Cat competition is back again for September... so please send us your pet photos for a chance to WIN some of Quistel's amazing grooming therapies and health products! As usual the competition is run via our facebook page, you send us your photos, we post them on facebook and the picture with the most likes wins! We give prizes to the top 3 pets... the winner get £50's worth of Quistel, 2nd get £25's worth and 3rd get £15's. So if you want to win some of our great products such as our organic pet shampoos, conditioners, lotions spray or our amazing 'world famous' ear cleaner then send us your pet photos. Its really easy...

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Tommee - The Rescue Dog

I know its not quite August and our new 'Rescue Dog' competition hasn't quite started... but we thought we would get the ball rolling and post our first entry which was emailed to us a few days ago.   Heres the email that Tommee's owner Dyane sent us about her special dog...  Whilst browsing the web in May this year, I came across an Irish Animal Rescue called AINMHITHE who over the years have rehomed 100's of animals that have been abandoned/found as strayed/neglected/dumped in pounds in Ireland. They had 4 collie puppies that had been taken in & as collies are regarded as disposable in Ireland AINMHITHE look to foster & rehome them here in the UK with experienced...

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