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Fantastic For Ferrets!

Did you know that our 'Soothing Ear Cleaner' can used on a huge variety of pets including small mammals to treat all sorts of ear conditions... and recently we had a fantastic phone call from a customer who couldn't believe how well it worked on his ferrets! That's right Quistel's 'Soothing Ear Cleaner' is fantastic for Ferrets!  Our customer, Bernard Udackies (who is based in Dewsbury) has been breeding ferrets for more than 50 years... and apparently ferrets do often suffer with their ears.   Bernard says that ferrets very often have stinky and manky ears but by using the ear cleaner it clears up in only a couple of days!  Apparently this condition is quite common in young and...

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Latest Email Blast: Our New Website And 'The Puddy Cat & Pooch' Competition

The latest Quistel Pet Care Newsletter will soon be sent out via email to our customers, you can have an exclusive sneak peak below! If you want to start receiving emails from Quistels promoting our products and special offers then why not sign up to our mailing list!

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New Leaflet For Our Ear Cleaner

We've got a fancy new leaflet for our 'World Famous' pet Ear Cleaner... which you can see below!   This leaflet will be given out with every ear cleaner we sell and contains everything you need to know such as instructions and ingredients. Let us know what you think or if you would like a copy then please get in touch!    

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Have You Tried Quistel's Soothing Ear Cleaner?

Our 'World Famous' Ear Cleaner is a proven, effective way for you treat your pets ears. It disinfects and soothingly assists with the loosening and expulsion of accumulated dirt and ear wax whichcan become a major source of irritation to most animals. When applied according to the instructions for use, Quistel’s Soothing Ear Cleaner will penetrate even the smallest canine ear canal. Although Quistel's Ear Cleaner is not organic, it is a valuable product in the Quistel range of petcare, being an old fashioned formula that has been used safely and successfully for many years, producing amazing results. Our Ear Cleaner is a much loved and highly regarded by our customers, this is what one happy customer said about it...

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