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Fantastic For Ferrets!

Did you know that our 'Soothing Ear Cleaner' can used on a huge variety of pets including small mammals to treat all sorts of ear conditions... and recently we had a fantastic phone call from a customer who couldn't believe how well it worked on his ferrets! That's right Quistel's 'Soothing Ear Cleaner' is fantastic for Ferrets!  Our customer, Bernard Udackies (who is based in Dewsbury) has been breeding ferrets for more than 50 years... and apparently ferrets do often suffer with their ears.   Bernard says that ferrets very often have stinky and manky ears but by using the ear cleaner it clears up in only a couple of days!  Apparently this condition is quite common in young and...

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Congratulations To Paws For Success

Big congratulations to Lucy King and 'Paws For Success' for their 'The Responsible Dog Ownership Event' that raised £350 for 'Hound's For Heroes'. Quistel was delighted to support this event by donating some of our Organic Grooming products to Lucy that were used in the raffle. You can still donate at:   If you are organising an charity event and would like our help then please do get in touch because we love to support and help as many animal and pet charities as we can!  

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Enjoy The Heatwave... But Remember Dogs, Sun & Cars Don't Mix

We're enjoying some amazing weather here in UK for a change... finally, after what seems like years, we're having lots and lots of lovely sunshine... a proper British summer! Your pets, as I'm sure you all know can struggle with the heat and when we have a heatwave like this its really important to keep them cool, give them plenty of water, keep them in the shade and only walk your dogs in the cooler parts of the day. The other thing that's very important to remember, is that you can never leave a dog alone in the car in this weather... not for a few minutes, not if you leave the windows open... never.  Cars in this weather get...

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We're going to... 'The Manchester Pet Show'

We're excited to announce that Quistel will be exhibiting at 'The Manchester Pet Show' on the 7th and 8th of September at event city... and we can't wait! We're going to be running extra special competitions and new promotions just for the exhibition, so if you love pets and love Quistel's products then it's well worth coming down to see us.  We'll be posting more exciting details on the website over the coming weeks, so keep your eye's peeled! You can find out more about 'The Manchester Pet Show' on their great website and also book your tickets there... so what are you waiting for, get them booked and come and meet the Quistel team! See you there!

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Meet Chewie

So today we were lucky enough to meet beautiful 'Chewie' the spinone... who came to Quistel this morning to collect his prize of £50's worth of Quistel grooming and health products for winning June's 'Puddy Cat & Pooch' competition. As you can see from the photos, Chewie is absolutely beautiful and posed quite happily next to all his Quistel goodies... it was a pleasure meeting him! Chewie's owners... Chris & Heidi Shackleton were good enough to email us over some info about Chewie which we've added below. We have had Chewie (after Chewbacca from Star Wars….another big, daft brown monster) since he was 13 weeks old and he is now 2 and a half years old- at least physically. We...

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