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Cyprus Vizsla Rescue (CVR) - Lizzie

We're delighted to be supporting Cyprus Vizsla Rescue (CVR) and will be donating some prizes for their upcoming virtual charity auction on Facebook. CVR operates to rescue Hungarian Vizsla dogs (and vizsla-cross breeds) who have been abandoned and/or abused in Cyprus. We recently had an lovely email from one of the organisers, Kelly Robinson who told us all about CVR and how she had recently rescued and adopted a beautiful vizsla-cross called Lizzie. This is Kelly's email about Lizzie and Cyprus Vizsla Rescue... "CVR operates to rescue Hungarian Vizsla dogs (and vizsla-cross breeds) who have been abandoned and/or abused in Cyprus. I have recently adopted a beautiful vizsla-cross called Lizzie (see attached photos) who had been tied up by a...

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Tommee - The Rescue Dog

I know its not quite August and our new 'Rescue Dog' competition hasn't quite started... but we thought we would get the ball rolling and post our first entry which was emailed to us a few days ago.   Heres the email that Tommee's owner Dyane sent us about her special dog...  Whilst browsing the web in May this year, I came across an Irish Animal Rescue called AINMHITHE who over the years have rehomed 100's of animals that have been abandoned/found as strayed/neglected/dumped in pounds in Ireland. They had 4 collie puppies that had been taken in & as collies are regarded as disposable in Ireland AINMHITHE look to foster & rehome them here in the UK with experienced...

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Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue

We're lucky enough to get sent some brilliant pet photos from our customers... its always great to see pictures of happy dogs, cats and horses. We've recently had a brilliant photograph sent in to us from 'Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue' that we just had to share with you.  Its a before and after photo of a dog called Angel, who was rescue dog and was in a terrible state when she was rescued... as you can see from the photo, her skin and coat was in a very poor condition. The staff at 'Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue' did a brilliant job of nursing Angel back to her beautiful best... they used Quistel's Organic Bio-Restoring grooming products and as you can see from...

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A Big Hello To Little Pooch

As many of you will already know, we're big fans of social media and we love meeting new people on Facebook and Twitter.  It's a great way to connect with animal lovers, pet owners, Quistel customers and other pet businesses such as 'Little Pooch'. Little Pooch is an award winning, luxury dog boutique offering everything you could need for your pampered pooch. They stock a wide range of designer dog clothes along with pet carriers, dog harnesses, diamante collars, dog leads, toys, luxury pet dining and also handmade dog products. Little Pooch was established in December 2011 by Lisa Garner and has gone on to win 2 prestigious awards.  A Small Business Sunday Award from Theo Paphitis of Dragons Den Fame and a WOW award from Jacqueline...

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Quistel's Mission

One of the best things about working in the pet industry is that we get the opportunity to meet and help some really great people who have dedicated so much of their time to helping animals.  We're passionate about the welfare and wellbeing of animals and pets ...and we'll do whatever we can to support those that help them. If you run or work for an animal charity, maybe its a dog or cat rescue centre... maybe your part of breeders group that runs charity events then why not get in touch with Quistel and find out just how we can help you. Our products are designed to help your pets look great and feel healthy... and we're proud that...

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